The Importance of Unimportant Things

Luke 16:1-13

Whether we are conscious of them or not, we make thousands of choices each day…and execute tens of thousands of task each week.  Some choices and tasks are so perfunctory, so routinized, so seemingly insignificant that we hardly even think about them even as we are doing them (think brushing our teeth or tying our shoes or pushing the ground floor button on the elevator).  Others are great big decisions and actions that can leave us paralyzed with doubts and uncertainty (think of professing love toward someone, or moving across country, or changing careers, or taking a stand for God’s justice on behalf of others).

Jesus told his disciples a parable about a thoroughly unjust steward who was aboutto fired.  It was crisis time, and he had some serious choices to make.  In the end, as Jesus tells us, the steward kept right on doing and being the same person that had always been: unjust, scheming, and untrustworthy.  His “big moment” hadn’t changed him, it only revealed who was more clearly.  And so with each of us…we are empowered to make life’s biggest choices for God by the care we take to follow his way in the everyday, unimportant things.