Relentless Love

Luke 15:1-10

There’s a story told of a child who, upon finding himself separated from his parents in a large shopping mall during the holidays, walked up to a security guard and began to cry? “What’s the matter, little one?” asked the guard. The child looked up and said “my mommy and daddy are lost.”

Small children tend to orient the whole world in relation to themselves; wherever they currently find themselves is the center of the universe as far as they are concerned (as if to say, “I’m not lost, the rest of the world is”). We chuckle at this trait in small children, but the same phenomena occurs in adults whose faith is still maturing in Christ. Rather than seeing through God’s eyes, we see through the narrow lens of our own personal notions of right and wrong, justice and mercy. 

When Jesus was celebrating with newfound friends and some disapproving religious leaders were murmuring against him, he told the critics a couple of parables about the joy of lost things being found. The critics, of course, were sure he was talking about someone else…