Summer Travels With Jesus: Home Worship

Due to our proximity to the Orange International Street Fair, the church was unable to have our regular worship service on labor day weekend this year. Instead, we met in the homes of 11 different church members to pray, converse, and share communion with one another.

During the point in the service where we would normally have the sermon, we did more of a devotional this week. Each home picked a couple of questions from the bottom of this post, and the group talked about them together.

Luke 14:1, 7-14

Humility is a tricky subject, especially for those who are following Christ and are no longer following  the “kingdoms of this world.” It turns out we still carry residual, worldly ideas about humility, honor, and who gets the credit for our work.

In the name of humility,  gifted and talented Christians will sometimes sit back and wait to be asked, withholding their particular skills because they don’t want to be “boastful.”  These persons tell themselves they are “practicing humility” before others, not wanting to draw attention to themselves or brag about themselves. They will silently watch as their church community flounders, awaiting someone with the right gifts to fulfill a particular role.  Then, when our “humble” person is finally approached, and asked to pitch in, there is suddenly a wave of flattery and fame washing their way. “We had no idea you could do this!” “You’re so gifted and talented!” “I wish I had your skills!”  Humility? Not even close.

True Christian humility understands that our gifts, talents, and skills come from God, whom we are pledged to serve as our Lord. If there is a need, and we have the ability to meet it, the most humble thing we can do is quietly step forward and offer our gifts to the community of Christ.  By thus serving Christ, the Body of Christ is strengthened and our Lord receives the glory.

When serve in true humility, we serve “as unto Christ” and are no longer preoccupied by “who gets the credit.” If our good deeds and offerings are not even recognized in this world, we can be certain that our “Father, who sees in secret” knows of our service, and our reward is laid up for in God’s presence.

  1. If you could have the best seat in the house, where would you be?

  2. Share an embarrassing moment in your life and your proudest moment.

  3. How does Jesus’ view of honor differ from that help by others at the meal?

  4. What does it mean to you to have a place of honor?

  5. Have you ever seen people exalt themselves? What was the result?

  6. What benefits could you realize y consistently making humble choices?

  7. What would it feel like to have Jesus choose you from the back of the room to come forward to a place of honor?

  8. What would it be like if we treated one another with honor in the same way?

  9. What is something special you can do this week for someone who is unable to repay you in kind?