Luke 9:28-36

A ticket is presented, popcorn and a drink purchased, and the viewers sink back into a reclining chair in a darkened theater.  It’s movie night, and time for the show to start. Almost.  First, there are the trailers…the “preview of coming attractions.”

Good movie trailers give an audience the glimpse of what is to come, but never reveal the whole plot.  The audience gets the gist of the film—comedy, tragedy, suspense thriller, love story, etc.—and has some knowledge of the plot revealed.  However, the best trailers only pique the interest of the audience; they never give too much away.

So it is with today’s scripture, and today’s worship.  God reveals in Jesus a preview of coming attractions.  There is a foretaste of Jesus’ future glory, and a revelation of the trials that stand between here and glory.  We overhear the ominous dialogue with Moses and Elijah about what is waiting for Jesus in Jerusalem, we see the mysterious cloud and tremble at the fearsome voice.  We know something of what will come, but so much is not said…so much has yet to be revealed!

Amidst the trials and struggles of this life, the promise of what is to come can only be discovered by following Jesus, and listening carefully to his teaching.