Subjects of the King

Mark 12:28-34

From time to time we meet people with little or no wealth who are accomplishing incredible, transformational work for Jesus? Fueled by their love for God, moved by compassion for their neighbors, and led by the Holy Spirit, they simply pick up and do whatever their capacity and resources will allow.  They never complain or apologize for they don’t have, choosing instead to do what they can with what they have.

From time to time we also meet people who take the name of Jesus in order to comfort themselves and advance their own interests.  Their sanctuaries are never quite big enough, their clothes often need updating, and their wealth is always needed for one more project around their own house. They believe in their own righteousness, and look to God to reward them.

One day when Jesus was in the temple, he called the disciples to his side. We warned them to beware of those making an outward show of religion while selfishly serving their own interests.  After that, Jesus praised the simple faith of a poor widow, one who long ago learned the secret of holding the world’s wealth lightly in order to tightly embrace God with her whole self. She is a subject of the king who gave himself for his kingdom…as are all who follow in her way.