Kingdom Seeds: The Parable of the Sower

Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23

Why do some followers of Christ seem deep, able to bear much fruit in their lives, while others seem to struggle in the shallows of faith, dissipated and distracted by many things? How is it that enemies of the gospel can live so closely alongside Christ’s committed followers, and it is nearly impossible to tell them apart? What is the explanation for those tiny, almost-insignificant steps of faith that lead to might ministries over time?

In a short series titled “Kingdom Seeds” we will look at three important parables from the 13th chapter of Matthew, along with the interpretations that Jesus gave to his followers.  Taken together, these parables reveal how consistently God’s grace is poured out upon us—regardless of our circumstances or resources.  From small beginnings come great faith. Even when surrounded by enemies we can still bear fruit that the harvester will recognize.  Though all manner of circumstances and “soil” exist, the heart of God sow’s liberally and consistently, until the seeds find space to grow.

Our lives may be challenging and demanding at times, but God continues to sow the seeds of Christ’s kingdom in our midst…even today!