Made Known to Us

Acts 2:1-21, John 14:8-17

From the dawn of time God was being revealed through creation (Psalm 19:1), through the scriptures (Psalm 1), through covenants (Genesis 9 and 17) and through generations of seers, sages, and prophets.  

Yet throughout history, God’s people continually struggled to know and be known by our creator in a more complete way.  The clear message of the gospel is that, in the end, God’s own self “went to the wall for his people.”  He sent Jesus to open a path for knowing God more fully by offering forgiveness of sins restoring our souls to righteousness through Jesus. So completely does Jesus reveal the heart of God that he was able to tell his disciples “if you have seen me, you have seen the Father.”

Even so, there was a greater gift to be given to Jesus’ followers than knowing Jesus personally and glimpsing God through him.  Jesus promised that his followers would be clothed with “power from on high” through the Holy Spirit…so that we can have oneness with God as Jesus and the Father and the Holy Spirit are one.

On Pentecost, the church discovered that God is a God who keeps promises, and we are invited to respond by living in deeper communion with God through he Holy Spirit.