Meditation on Christ the Light of the World


Christmas is the most earthy of the Christian religious observances. In Christianity, God takes on the form of a human person. This is a remarkable and outrageous assertion—foolish and scandalous, according to Paul of Tarsus.

The point of this assertion is not to suggest some magic or extra-terrestrial happening. This is not pyrotechnics. It is not like the northern lights or sunspots. It is the declaration that God enters the world in decisive ways to tell us human beings what the big picture is all about…

...The Christmas story is the claim that the world’s reason for being is love. Not the sentimental kind favored in soap operas.  But the love once described by a wise commentator as “love with its eyes wide open.” Christmas really belongs to all those people in the world who long for love and peace and hope.

—Excerpted from GOD IS WITH US, by F. Thomas Trotter—