Anointed: Pathway to Redemption

2 Samuel 12:1-15a

Welcome to our continuing summer worship series, “Anointed.”  Each week we’ll draw insight and inspiration from the lives of three figures from the Hebrew scriptures—Samuel, Saul, and David—and examine more closely the persistent love of God for an often rebellious people.

David, King and Shepherd of Israel, has strayed and lost his way. The people’s champion has forsaken his work and engaged in a sordid affair and a cover-up. The charges which could be leveled include breaking three of Moses’ “10 sayings”: coveting, adultery, and murder. But David is resourceful—he has covered his tracks and surrounded himself with subordinates who will keep secrets. As far as the people of Israel are concerned, the King has gotten away with it and is ready to move on.

But there is one more character in the story. What the people cannot or will not see, God sees. And God sends to his anointed King another anointed soul, the Prophet Nathan. In a conversation at one and the same time subtle, skillful, and bold, Nathan reminds David that a King’s power lies not in what he can take for himself, but what God has given him. On this day, what God gives is a deep conviction of sin, and the opening of a path to redemption. David will lay down the unbearable burden of his secrets, and come to know a peace beyond understanding.