Dunamis: Holy Boldness

Acts 4:1-22

Dunamis. An ancient word meaning power…strength…ability.  A word used by early Christians to describe things beyond description. The power to heal and make whole. Strength to sustain those exposed to withering oppression and persecution. Ability to reach across cultural and religious barriers, bringing the gospel of God to whoever is hungry for it. In the end, it was also the power to foster new power in others.

A central, defining characteristic of Christ’s church is the explosive growth that occurs whenever we experience the power of the Holy Spirit. There is freedom from fear, a new boldness, an honest sharing of Christ’s love, transformational power and healing for the nations. These manifestations are not mere magic tricks or the product of social and political calculations, nor can they be sold for personal gain or glory. They are God’s expression of love, unleashed upon and through his church. This power causes ordinary people to become the conduit of God’s extraordinary grace.

Over these 5 weeks we will be sharing a glimpse of God’s power poured out upon the early church.  Easter has pointed the way. The tomb was opened. The scriptures were opened. Bread was broken and their eyes were opened. A whole new world was opened to them, and to us. A world of resurrection power…a whole people filled with Dunamis.