Blessed to do the Hard Things

Mark 10:17-31

The pages of history are filled with stories of the indomitable spirit of humans. There are explorers who who fearlessly set off into the unknown in order to discover new lands, chart new courses of travel, even walk on distant bodies in space. There are people who, through hard work, discipline, and determination, overcame extraordinary physical challenges and claimed lives of victory. There are people who searched tirelessly through the mysteries of the universe, banging on the doors of science and technology until these mysteries yielded and brought forth the breakthrough discoveries that have changed our world forever.  

Yes, our histories are filled with heroic figures who refused to surrender in the face of trials and difficulties. And yet, there remains for every human being one particular challenge that will always stand beyond our grasp: we cannot save ourselves.  Salvation belongs to the Lord...and when we first see what living a life of faith really demands of us, we are tempted to cry out with Peter “Lord, who can be saved?!”  Jesus’ answer to us is that no one can save him or herself. But there is grace, and by that grace, “what is impossible for humans is possible for God.” We are blessed to do the hard things.