See With New Eyes

Luke 12:32-40

For as long as humans have walked upon the earth we have practiced the art of worry.  We can become anxious about anything…anxious about food, anxious about shelter, anxious about relationships, anxious for security and for work and for love and for meaning and purpose and for our lives and deaths.  Jesus’ word and blessing for the church in this worried world is good news indeed:  the one thing about which we never need worry is that its God’s pleasure to give us the Kingdom of God.  

It is true, if our eyes and appetites and values are fixed in this world, we may have difficulties perceiving and understanding the Kingdom Jesus preached.  But for those who believe in Jesus, and are born anew by the Holy Spirit, a new set of eyes is given and the Kingdom of God is revealed right in the midst of the world around us.

If the teachings of Jesus on wealth, community, and preparedness for the coming of Christ seem strange and foreign, then hear Jesus’ invitation anew: Behold the Kingdom, and see with new eyes.