That Which Comes After (Part 2)

Revelation 21:10, 22-22:5, John 14:23-29

Jesus told his followers that he was departing in order to prepare a “dwelling place” for them in the fullness of God’s presence.  At the same time, he promised that the Holy Spirit would come to make its own “dwelling place” among us…so that “Christ is in the Father, and we are in Christ, and all may be one.”

We are called to live as Christ’s church on earth in such a way that the two experiences of “dwelling with God” become one and the same.  Our chief aim is to know God so closely, even now, that we’ll one day fall asleep in this world and wake up in eternity, and scarcely know the difference. To reach this aim, we must simultaneously embrace the Holy Spirit’s friendship and release that which is temporal, not of God.

As we grow into the mystery of eternal life with God we wonder: what part of this present life will weget to keep? What part will we have to let go?