It's Time for Our Testimony


Luke 21:5-19

According to Luke, when Jesus finally entered Jerusalem with his followers, many of them were in awe of the large buildings, the gleaming stones, and the shear spectacle of the Temple precincts. Jesus spoke plainly to them: the material enticements of this present age will come swiftly to an end; they are of no use to his followers. What's more, there are hard times coming, when the very best of the church will come under severe persecution.

The hard word of Jesus concerning the coming age was followed by a stirring challenge to the faithful: bear witness! Many fragile and lost souls are drifting their way through a maelstrom of fears and distraction and dissipation, and they need a clear witness to testify to them. Jesus calls his followers to listen attentively for the Holy Spirit's whisper amidst the storms of our age, and then to tell boldly what it is we hear.