This is a ministry at FUMCO that launched in the Fall of 2016. Each week, we hold class meetings that provide opportunities for you to grow in your faith, strengthen your discipleship, and enjoy Christian fellowship with one another. We start with a dinner in Messenger Hall every week at 5:45 p.m. Dinner costs $10 for adults and $5 for children. If you can't afford to pay that, please be our guest. If you are able to help cover the cost of someone else's dinner, please be generous. After dinner, we break into our class meetings, which run from approximately 6:30pm to 8pm. Information on available classes can be found below.

2019 Spring Quarter:
April 3 to June 5, 2019
(no classes on April 17, but please join us for Holy Week worship Monday thru Friday of that week at 7:00 p.m.)

Get in the Game
Leader: Wayne Nash
Living in Christ brings us joy and fulfillment, but what are we called to do? This class invites you to explore Christian discipleship by serving others when we follow the example of Jesus.

Class Meeting/Covenant Group
Leader: Judy Johnson
Following the Wesleyan practice to watch over one another in Jesus’ love, this weekly gathering supports and encourages to all new and ongoing participants as we listen, learn, and love by the Spirit of God.

Discovering your Bible
Leader: Pastor Bill
Let’s open up this wonderful book and discover the major themes, doctrines, foundational events, and settings of our Biblical story. Engage your heart with your hearing as we explore this Book of Faith.

Words & Verbs of God
Leader: Pastor Jerry
What our spiritually-fed and -led expressions, lyrics, and metaphors of God reveal our beliefs in God. Words are powerful—let’s sound out our expressions of God and explore how they paint pictures of our faith.

We also have a team that provides childcare for those too young to participate in other classes.