FUMCO Praise Reports and Prayer Requests

May 11, 2017

Katie Schroeder and family would like to ask prayers for Katie and her doctors as they make the best treatment plan for a severe deteriorated  shoulder problem that Katie  is experiencing.
Thank you and God Bless,
Katie, Greg and Kathy

May 9, 2017

Dear Friends,
Prayers for my dear friend Maria and her family. Her 30 year old son was in an freeway accident Wednesday night and was in CCU for 3 long days. He passed away Saturday (5/6) evening. He was 30 years old and left a fiancée and lots of friends and family. It is tragic. We need prayers for strength, peace and understanding.
Thank you,
Leissa Nazzareno

May 3, 2017

Thank you for your prayers. Jon came home this afternoon. He will need to stay home for the rest of the week, but he is definitely much, much better. 
Thank you and blessings to all of you. 
Rebeca Espinoza-Rodezno

May 1, 2017

We request prayers for Jon. We came to the ER late last night because he was coughing a lot and having difficult breathing. It's not pneumonia, but the doctor decided to better admit him to keep him under observation. 
Thank you for your prayers,
Rebeca Espinoza-Rodezno

April 9, 2017

- Dorothy Schaper asks prayers for her sister Jean's family in Colorado as they mourn her passing last Friday--especially her sister's daughter, Debbie.

- Vince Cleveland is having a pacemaker installed this coming Friday. Prayers for a smooth procedure, and peace for Vince and Sandy both.

- We remember oppressed Christians around the world, and pray especially for the victims of the Palm Sunday bombing in Egypt.

April 2, 2017

- Mark Helme is requesting prayers for his Aunt Mary as she recovers from a cold.

- Shirley Hoggatt celebrated her 85th birthday yesterday and will be having cataract surgery tomorrow--"some celebration!"

- Helen Huston, Katie Hicks, and Debbie George will all be celebrating birthdays on Tuesday.

- Karla Turner asks prayers for safe travels for Seonag Turner, who will be spending spring break in England.

- John Riley (Aly's father) is in the hospital with a badly swollen leg.



Robert Anderson

Nancy Bjorkland

Ramona Kemp Blair

Diane Brown

Ken Brown

Margie Burch

Lind Cook

Virginia Eaton

Bernie Franklin

Mildred Hall

Helena Hansen

Shirley Katz

Janis Lopes

Patty Marquart

Jackie McCracken

Mary McKenerick

Kendall Meersman

Meg Murray

Carol Nameth


Lori Pittman

Carol Rathbun

Nick Rogers

Freida Stevens

Rita Suthers

James Sweeney

Dwight Tipping

Karla Turner

Betty Wisely


Please keep these and their families in your prayers.