FUMCO Praise Reports and Prayer Requests

June 10, 2018

Anthony and Faby ask prayers for Miguel's family and friends. Miguel took his own life last Wednesday. Prayers for his family and friends during this difficult time.

Prayers for Linda and her family. Their niece and nephew are in the hospital following a hit and run accident.

Wayne and Donna ask prayers for Phil. He has been hospitalized and is being tested for leukemia.

Pastor Jerry and Julie ask prayers for Sarah and Lydia Eng (from the bell ringers that have played at FUMCO before). The two of them will be going on a mission trip to Thailand from June 24 to July 7. Prayers for health and safety, open hearts to the gospel, and for God's glory.

June 9, 2018

Please pray for Burt Suthers who will have surgery on Friday, June 15th to remove the remains of a cancerous tumor on his right temple. 

Thank you,
Rita Suthers

June 3, 2018

David Kull asks prayers for Mike--that his doctors are guided in his cancer treatment, and that his heart and mind are comforted.

Praise to God for Betty Wisely, who was recognized as FUMCO's "quiet disciple" by our local unit of United Methodist Women.

Andrea (Dorothy Schaper's daughter) will be undergoing surgery on Thursday, June 7th. Prayers for her, her family, and the medical staff that will be treating her.

The church office received word this week that former FUMCO member Bob Finn passed away in Minneapolis on May 20. Prayers for his wife Gladys and the rest of his family.

KJ, our consultant for the upcoming Downtown Orange Preschool, is in the hospital recovering from an emergency surgery this week. Her doctors are happy with the progress that she's making, but she is expected to remain in the hospital for at least another week.

May 27, 2018

Karla Turner is asking prayers for safe travel for Gary and Seonag as they visit Austria. Also, birthday blessings to Seonag on Thursday!

Please pray for Robert, a friend of Mark Helme's. He will be undergoing hernia surgery.

Mark is also asking prayers for his Aunt Mary.

Continued healing prayers for Betty Wisely.

May 22, 2018

Please pray for my friend Jennifer's family. Both of her parents have been in and out of the hospital due to liver complications.

Thank you,
Jessica Sanchez

May 20, 2018

Denise, a friend of Wayne and Donna, was recently diagnosed with cancer. He has a appointment at City of Hope on Monday.

Julie and Gracie Roney are asking prayers for Skottlynne. She attends California Baptist University and is currently on a mission trip in East Asia. Pray that they are kept safe and able to bless many villages with God's word.

Continued prayers for Mark Helme's knees.

Ken Martin has been in the hospital this week. Prayers for healing and strength as he recovers.

May 13, 2018

Please prayer for healing and comfort for Mark Helme, who has a torn tendon inside his right knee.

Prayers for Shirley, a friend of Debbie George. She will be having an ultrasound and possible D&C on Tuesday (May 15).

Dorothy Schaper reports that her daughter Andrea's biopsy was inconclusive. She will be having surgery on June 7.

May 6, 2018

Travel mercies for the Andersons as they travel to Prescott to celebrate Bob's 93rd birthday.

Continued healing prayers for Nate and Betty Wisely.

April 30, 2018

Vince Cleveland's great grand nephew, Conner, fell out of a second story window yesterday. He has a fractured eye socket and his brain is swollen. He was taken by helicopter from Helena to Kalispell, Montana. His mom is in Virginia for a training, and is currently trying to get home. Conner was agitated when he woke up from an induced coma, but settled down when he saw his father asleep next to him. At this point, they are waiting on CT scans to assess the damage. Prayers for Conner, the medical staff treating him, his parents RJ and Jess, and the rest of his family.

April 29, 2018

Continued prayers for both Betty and Nate Wisely. Betty is still at home dealing with lingering effects from bronchitis earlier this year.

Congratulations to Wayne and Donna Nash--they celebrated 55 years of marriage on Friday, April 27!

Continued prayers for Dorothy Schaper's daughter Andrea. She had a biopsy for the lump on her thyroid, and the results are pending. They should be back on Tuesday.

We join with Mark Helme in celebrating his 17th AA birthday. Congratulations, Mark!

Faby and Anthony Coppula ask prayers for Faby's sister Lily and nephew Mateo. Both are going through some family difficulty.



Robert Anderson

Nancy Bjorkland

Ramona Kemp Blair

Diane Brown

Ken Brown

Margie Burch

Marlene Cook

Virginia Eaton

Bernie Franklin

Mildred Hall

Helen Hansen

Shirley Katz

Janis Lopes

Patty Marquart

Ken Martin

Jackie McCracken

Mary McKenerick

Karen Mendoza


Meg Murray

Lori Pittman

Nick Rogers

Freida Stevens

Rita Suthers

Dwight Tipping

Karla Turner

Betty Wisely

Nate Wisely


Please keep these and their families in your prayers.